1. Call or email our friendly team to book a FREE NO OBLIGATION quote

2. A member of our team will make an on-site assessment and provide you with a quote via email

3. You agree the quote and pay a 60% deposit

4. We deliver the clean to your satisfaction on an agreed date

5. You settle the remaining 40%

We state the following on the quote for your ease of use:

  • The date of the assessment
  • The areas expected to be cleaned (PLEASE ENSURE YOU AGREE THIS)
  • The services to be provided, i.e. carpet steaming/shampooing, garden clearance etc.
  • Email address for you to return confirmation of booking
  • Overall cost of the service

Yes. A Blitz needs to be delivered no more than 10 days after the initial assessment. This is to ensure that the property is the same state as seen by the supervisor at assessment stage.

If a time period of longer than 10 days elapses, a second chargeable quote may be required.

It is easier for us to list the things that we don’t clean as part of a standard Blitz, than the things we do!

We do not, as a rule:

  • Clean outside windows, (we do clean inside, IF easily reachable and without the need for a ladder)
  • Clean inside kitchen cupboards, unless requested
  • Go through paperwork with the client or representative
  • Wash dishes
  • Clean/reorder inside storage cupboards

If you require any of the above, please give us call on 02037572881 or 07857 572296 or email enquiries@londonblitzclean.com. Where our team will be happy to help.

Yes, we do. Our staff have been trained to deal with this and receive protective clothing ensuring their safety and an effective clean.

You will need to pay a deposit of 60% of the overall cost of the clean prior to commencing. This can be via:

  • Cheque (must be received at least a week prior to the clean)
  • Cash on the day to the operative or supervisor
  • BACS transfer (must be received at least a week prior to the clean)
  • PayPal
  • Card payments accepted

Once the 60% deposit is paid, we will deliver the clean. Once completed to satisfaction, you will need to fulfil the remaining 40% within 7 working days from the final invoice date.

We can accept Cheque, Cash, BACS transfer, PayPal and card payments.

Yes, we do! We find that for some customers this option works well after an initial blitz clean to prevent regression to the pre-blitz state.

This service is also used by busy professionals who want assistance with:

  • Laundry
  • Ironing service
  • House work
  • Kitchen and bathroom cleaning
  • Washing up
  • Hoovering
  • Carpet steaming
  • Other household tasks

This list is not exhaustive. Please contact our friendly team on 02037572881 or 07857 572296 or email enquiries@londonblitzclean.com.

Our rates are highly competitive at £15.00 per hour.

This is entirely dependent on the size and state of the property, but you will be told the expected duration of the service at the quotation stage, although most are completed in 2/3days.

This is entirely dependent upon the size & state of the property as well as the elements that require attention, please book a no obligation quotation from our friendly team at 02037572881 or 07857 572296 or email enquiries@londonblitzclean.com.

We can usually deliver the clean within 3-10 days of initial contact.

Yes. We will provide all equipment, utensils, protective apparel and cleaning solutions during the blitz clean.

No. it is expected that the client ensures all cleaning products and equipment (hoover, mop and bucket etc) are provided.

Yes, and will present to you at the door.

We cover the entire M25 area and surrounding counties. (Kent, Essex, Surrey, Middlesex)

We have been delivering Blitz Cleans for 7 years and understand that experiencing a Blitz can be difficult for somebody who has a history of hoarding. We are sensitive to their truth and will take instruction on how this is to happen, whilst trying to ensure that the property is made clean, safe and habitable.

We have delivered cleans for the older adults and mental health departments of numerous London Authorities including:

  • Royal borough of Greenwich
  • Lambeth
  • Bromley
  • Lewisham
  • Southwark
  • Croydon
  • Bexley
  • Hackney
  • Camden
  • Westminster plus many more...

As well as providing for the NHS, Women’s refuges, rehabilitation units, Housing associations and have a contract with a prominent homeless shelter.

Yes, according to the London Fire Brigade, who state:

‘High levels of clutter make it much easier for a fire to start and create a greater risk of fire spreading, increasing the risk of injury and death. It can also make it very difficult to escape and can lead to difficulties for firefighters tackling the blaze.’

It stands to reason that if you have a property with hoarded dry paper, cardboard and other flammable material, there is an inherent fire risk.

Yes. Our staff have FFP2 Dust masks and we have pet hair specific vacuum cleaners designed to remove most imbedded hair.

We recommend at least 24/48 hours for the carpets to dry adequately.

Our operatives are experienced, trained professional cleaners, who are there to do what the householder may have difficulty with. Whilst our staff can do the dishes, it is not an efficient or effective use of their time.

No. We will slide sofas etc. to clean underneath them properly, but we do not move heavy items such as wardrobes and white goods.

LBC infuse your surroundings with the juicy and inviting fragrance of cherries with our Bactericidal Deodoriser Cherry 2 x 5 Litre. Developed as part of a 4x4 Fabric and Carpet Care Range, this powerful deodoriser is compiled of active enzyme technology which kills a wide range of both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and is suitable for a wide range of environments. This bactericidal deodoriser effectively removes harmful bacteria caused by pets, urine, faeces, smoke, food and vomit.

  • LBC will use this on carpets, soft furnishings and any surface that can be wet cleaned or add into your laundry for an inviting scent throughout your entire wardrobe.
  • Powerful formula that leaves behind an inviting fragrance
  • Can be used on soft furnishings, carpets or any surface that can be wet cleaned
  • 100ml maximum recommended for commercial laundry machine
  • Can be diluted down for odour eliminating spray usage
  • Removes harmful odour and bacteria caused by a wide range of scenarios
  • 6.5PH
  • Also suitable for laundry additive

Our Bactericidal Deodorisers also come in a Cotton and Citrus fragrances - so you can create the inviting environment suited to you.

Yes, we do not object to this.

Yes, we do and you have two options with this:

1. We can deposit the refuse at the regular bin collection spot.

2. We can arrange a Skip-Grab (mobile skip) to make a collection. This service needs to be booked prior to service delivery. You will be quoted and charged for the cost of the skip, should you wish to use with service.

We ONLY USE ACCREDITTED REFUSE COLLECTION SERVICES IN YOUR BOROUGH. These services are highly regulated and present a Certificate of Ethical Disposal upon collection, which we are happy to pass on to you.

Once a Blitz/domestic clean is booked you must cancel no less than 48 hours prior to the agreed date or you will be liable to pay 75% of the overall cost. Cancellations done outside this period will not incur a charge.

We take pictures before and after and explain what can be best achieved, based on the environmental circumstance. This allows you to make an assessment of the standard of the work delivered.

Let our staff come in to your property and turn it around in terms of cleaning quickly and efficiently, allowing you to have your rental property back on the market without delay.

Our team can respond quickly and we guarantee you’ll love the results.

We endeavour to deliver the highest possible standard of cleaning with our experienced and trained staff, however we acknowledge that as a service provider we may receive complaints. We welcome them because it allows us to learn and improve our service standard.

If you feel that the clean is not what you expected, please let us know at the time of the clean, or soon after, where we will be happy to go further to ensure you are satisfied with the end result.

Our team will endeavour park their vehicle in an area that does not incur parking charges however sometimes this is unavoidable, in which case the cost of this will unfortunately forwarded to you. The same applies for Congestion charging.

We are happy to use visitor permits if made available.